GSN, the network for games, announced a launch of new television series Celebrity Blackjack. According to, the premiere is scheduled to be launched on Monday, July 5.

Joel Chiodi, Executive Director, Marketing and Promotions of GSN, the project is hosted by Matt Vasgersian, who is a TV broadcaster for the San Diego Padres, and Alex Bornstein, featured in “Mad TV,” “Cat Woman”. Celebrity Blackjack invites stars like Jason Alexander, Shannon Elizabeth, Snoop Dogg, Billy Baldwin, and Eddie Griffin.

The six-episode series will show five tournaments of five members, every of them will receive no deposit bonus codes for their charity. Each play’s winner is to go-ahead to the sixth and final episode and to earn a $25,000 charitable contribution and the chance to make it $100,000 if the gambler wins in the final round.

GSN is a network, jointly owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment and Liberty Media Corporation. Its audience reaches 54 million Nielsen homes, since it is distributed in the U.S. through all major cable systems and satellite providers.

Gaming Corp, owner of casino portal, announced that the volume of traffic to its website has doubled after the acquisition of Eyeconomy, an online, marketing and advertising company, reported.

Gaming Corp boasts increased traffic after Eyeconomy buyout

Gaming Corp said that following the launch of new instant play games its casino has been generating over £1 million in monthly turnover.

Following recommendations given by Eyeconomy, Gaming Corp reviewed its marketing strategies and modified the pricing policy for the portal to a cost per click model. This proved to be so successful that maximum server capacity was reached, forcing the company to invest in a new server farm and hosting solution. The new hosting infrastructure will provide Gaming Corp with a scalable solution to cope with current and future traffic growth at the web sites.

Commenting on current trading and future prospects Justin Drummond Chief Executive said, “Once these servers have been installed a more extensive marketing programme can be initiated and the full benefits of the Eyeconomy acquisition will be felt. Traffic to our flagship website has more than doubled in recent months and now generates over 300,000 unique visitors”.