Five Reel Slots are the next levels in slot gaming from the Three Reel Slots. These are types of slot machines that deliver many exciting games with multi-paylines and large jackpots for any lucky player.

The multi-paylines of Five Reel Slots range from five-line gaming up to 25-line super slots that will definitely give out a large amount of payouts. With multi-paylines come different kinds of payouts. Before a player spins the reels, it is important to first check the pay tables (you can find this on the machine) to know and understand the corresponding payouts and rewards of the symbols displayed on screen.

For beginners to the Five Reel Slots, playing with one coin to initiate a single payline is a good start. For experienced slot players, they go for the bigger prizes by activating all the paylines for multiple combos. The jackpot payouts of Five Reel Slots vary from game to game. The jackpots range from a thousand to 15,000 dollars.

Five Reel Slots were first introduced to the gambling world in the 1970s but have not become that popular back in those days compared to other types of slot machines. The popularity of the Five Reel Slots had just occurred recently because slot players realized the abundance of the machine’s payout lines.

The rapid rise in fame of Five Reel Slots is due to the bonus games and bonus features that the games offer. Many slot players nowadays only play on five reel machines especially in Australia where almost all slots available for play have five reels.

There are still many slot players out there who think that Five Reel Slots will give them a hard time in hitting winning combinations. This kind of thinking is considered true back in the days of mechanical slots. But today, slot machines use random number generators making this kind of thinking considerably false.

There are five reel slot machines that are set to give 95% of payout. If a player examines the pay tables on five reel machines, there are many more winning combinations available compared to Three Reel Slots. The usual winning combinations are composed of three to five symbols and sometimes two symbol combinations can also win.

Five Reel Slots have a higher frequency of hitting payouts from low to middle range. And when luck is on the player’s side, winning the jackpot will give quite a large payout.

Five reel machines are interesting to play, with lots of winning combinations and payouts, slot players now love these kind of games.